The Rice Project Photo Exhibition Teaser

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The Rice Project

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The Rice Project

The Rice Project Team is currently gearing towards the photo exhibition @ Vivo City. The photo exhibition is on from 13 – 22 Feb. 2009. The exhibition serves as a spotlight on the Asian Tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka who are still rebuilding/waiting for their homes. Proceeds from this exhibition will go to Habitat For Humanity (Sri Lanka).

check out the details at The Rice Project

This is one photo exhibition that I myself is involved in and you will get to see my works together with the rest of my team mates. Hope to see you at the exhibition.

26 Jan 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse

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Today will be the 1st day of Chinese New Year. While everyone is out visiting relatives and friends during this festive season, I decided to just go down to my nearby park to hopefully view the Solar Eclipse as reported on the news. Curious bypassers were thinking what the heck is this guy doing with a DSLR on a tripod. And some kids giggle like..haha, that guy is gona see the eclipse, where got? There is doubts if the reports is true and the weather is very subjective’s very cloudy. Oh welll, what the heck, just wait and see.

At 450pm singapore time, i saw a shadow starting to eat up the sun. As we all know. Looking at a Solar eclipse is no joke. It is super glaring and care needs to be taken not to blind ourselves. It took me a few times to look quickly to determine if it is really a solar eclipse. Indeed it was and i was so OVERJOYED! IT WAS THE 1st TIME in my entire 27years of EXISTENCE that i actually saw a solar eclipse.

It took me a while to realise why not look through an Infra Red filter to view the solar eclipse. And indeed the infra red filter was very helpful! I could see the eclipse clearly without straining my eyes or risk blinding myself.

I hav seen better pictures in the clubsnap forums. Envy. So below is what I manage to shoot before it became super cloudy and also a mini timelapse clip. Do Enjoy.

26 Jan 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse

26 Jan 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse

26 Jan 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse

26 Jan 2009 Partial Solar Eclipse

The Neko in my Neighbourhood.

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Neko…..meaning Cat in Japanese. Always love to call them that. There’s quite a few stray cats roaming around my neighbourhood. There’s the usual ones which i usually meet and say hi to and give them a good rub. But just recently i started noticing this cat which seems to sleep publicly in broad daylight, and in a super comfy position. This is my findings today and taken quickly with my Ricoh GR Digital Camera.


Neko was just sleeping so soundly. I wished i could photographer it sleeping the 1st time i saw this cat. For the 1st time i saw it, it was sleeping on top of a tree, in the exact same position you are seeing now.


The camera I’m using is a fix 28mm lens camera, so i have to move in close to take a closer photo of this Neko. Looks like I just woke him up.


And within seconds, Neko was back in LaLa land. ^_^

The Last Hours of 2008

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While everyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve, frankly I didn’t know what to do? There’s suppose to be the “Eye The City 2008” event which i missed the registration timing. The event is to shoot the happenings in Singapore during the last 24hours of 2008. So what should I do, stay at home? I shot many fireworks in the past few years and dun feel like squeezing with the crowd this year. At the same time i really felt like shooting something with my cameras….but..what? I tend to shoot more when i travel , but I just get lost as to what to shoot in our tiny island.

So i recalled this guy Seelan Palay who sent me an email regarding about “New Year Eve Countdown” by the opposition party “SDP”. I was like wow, are they serious? And at Hong Lim Park? Who would want to go there? Everyone just wants to party or just spend time with loved ones. But since they said got candle light display, i was thinking, well maybe can have some nice moment shots, why not get out of the comfort zone and try my best to shoot whatever that comes along.

link to the new year eve countdown

So maybe I shoudn’t write too much, i shall let my pictures do the talking. after all, I am a Videographer / Photographer. Below is more of a visual account and me trying to get unique moment shots rather than archiving the event.

I was only at hong lim park at about 9pm onwards. As to my expectations, crowd was only that handful. After the conversion to black and white then i realised it can be quite disturbing to look at. Imagine if you are the speaker and you stand on this weird platform (people can fall easily) and there are two tall trees which scarily stand by your side. Well, jus my opinion.

Ho Choon Hiong gave a talk about the film act. Some maybe quite familiar with this issue especially with regards to the famous documentary about the opposition party made by Martyn See, Singapore Rebel .

In memory of the late Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ). Plus the programs for the day on the marker board.




I wonder if the singers themselves noticed this, but i thought the guitars were nicely arranged behind out of sight from the audience.

Dr Chee and his other fellow musicians led in the singing for peace and freedom.



Lighting of candles commences at about 11+pm. They form up the words “Free Singapore”. Is Singapore “Free”? Well, i dun think i wish to comment on that and let each individual have their own interpretation on how free our country is. What I’m just curious is the little tiny moments that happen when people light up the candles. The above photo is probably one of my favorite catch of the day.



The beauty of large aperture lenses.


New Year Wishes



Hope u guys enjoyed this humble gallery. Some more can be seen in my flickr account.

This is my very 1st blog post and also in the 1st Jan 2009. Hope to bring to u guys and gals more Images. In closing, Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year.